About Jessica

Hello! My name is Jessica Massie. Born in Georgia to a military family, I have had the privilege of growing up and living in many different places (7 states (some multiple times) and Germany (twice)). While living a life that required moving often, my life is also unique in that I was homeschooled all the way until college, which provided countless learning experiences and called for many different and exciting field trips. I went on to study biology at Central Christian College of Kansas, in McPherson, Kansas where I obtained my Bachelor of Science.

Since graduating I have gone on to volunteer with multiple non- profit organizations. I spent time with Heifer International, at Heifer Ranch in Arkansas, where I was able to facilitate programs concerning world hunger and sustainable agriculture. After my time there, I volunteered with the African Children’s Choir as a chaperone for 2.5 years. I was able to care for 43, absolutely wonderful, Ugandan children. Our mission was to raise awareness and educational funds for Ugandan children through choir performances. 

Throughout my life I have loved and wanted to work with animals in some capacity. I had many different animals growing up, enjoyed being a part of 4-H animal projects and volunteered at conservation facilities.  After interning at a zoo, I decided to focus more on animal training. Now, I am planning to attend Dolphin Research Center Training Institute to pursue a degree in Marine Mammal Care and Training. I am hoping to use this to work with animals to further important conservation, create educational opportunities or work in animal and human therapy.

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