Daily Wisdom: The most important decision you make each day, is choosing what to focus on.

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Many people lead haphazard, unfulfilled lives because they are careless with their focus. 

Navigating Life is comparable to a ship navigating its way across the ocean. First you need to have a purposeful destination to get you going in the right direction (vision for your life), and then you need mindful engagement to keep you on course and to 

overcome the inevitable obstacles that will arise.

There will be storms, delays and all manner of unexpected complications, but that is life. The only people that don’t face these challenges, are those whose lives are completely spent. If this wasn’t clear for you, let me rephrase. The only people who don’t have problems, are dead people. 

Life isn’t about smooth sailing. It’s about navigating the ocean and all that it entails. Some days will be hell and other will be bliss. Most will shift back and forth on the spectrum, relative to how well they have lived the previous and current day. What matters most, is to keep focus on the needs of the day in order to progress towards your vision. We often expect the journey to be a simple straight course, but this is seldom the case.

 Have your spirit ready for the inevitable storm and you will adapt and overcome the chaos. At times you will falter and you will fail, but if you push on, you will ultimately succeed (or learn some valuable lessons to prepare you for the next storm!) 

Each day brings with it new challenges. Keep your mind, body and spirit clear in purpose, unwavering in the face of adversity, and fluid in action. Your adaptive competence will then lead you to sunshine and safe shores. The prize will be won, and a new course can be set. 

Warm Regards
Stephen du Preez


Article Word Count: 315
Author: Stephen du Preez
Date: May 16th, 2020