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    Sarah Gielow

    Notes taken by Tammy M Walton

    Here are notes from Marcella’s talk:

    Enzymes, Supplements, and NingXia Red: Bringing back the Basics
    Marcella Vonn Harting

    ***this was really fast and I tried to get all the details, tonight I couldn’t rewind***

    A study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) was conducted on newborns to determine their exposure to toxins. Of 287 toxins tested, a minimum of 180 toxins were detected! This is toxic body burden!
    Our skin is the largest organ of the body. On average we used 9 personal care products, exposing us to 126 unique ingredients.
    Europe banned over 1,000 ingredients in personal care products.
    The FDA has banned 11 ingredients in personal care products. 11!!

    “One of the greatest ways to prevent and even heal disease is to keep ahead of the game by periodically assisting our body in eliminating this built-up toxic waste!” – Dr. Schulze

    Nutrients are fertilizer for your brain and body. Marcella says the Cleansing trio is the first step to wellness. They are foundation supplements: ICP, Essentialzyme, Comfortone.
    Hippocrates said all diseases begin in the gut. This is still true today. We have more additives, preservatives, colors, dyes, sweeteners, etc.

    In your body, if you are not feeding it right, enzymes have to come out of your reserve account. And if you aren’t eating right, you’re not replenishing the enzymes. Doing all this can lead to a reaction, such a food sensitivity.
    So how do you replace your reserve?
    Eat real food and real juices. Take supplement with live enzymes. Gary formulated enzyme supplements using animal and vegetable enzymes. He created a dual release system so that enzymes are released in the lower intestine. Most enzymes don’t have this technology and only gets digested in the stomach which is good for food digestion but the body needs it in the lower intestine as well for proper body function. Enzymes can help with pancreatic X, which regulates pancreas function and glucose production levels.

    Gary taught Marcella the proper way to smell an essential oil:
    Open the bottle and hold it at your belly button, smell the aroma as it rises to your nose. Move it around in clockwise circles, slowly moving up to nose. At your nose, close 1 nostril and breathe in. Close off other nostril and breathe in. Breathe out of both nostrils as you move the oil back and forth. We breathe dominantly in 1 nostril for 90 minutes then switch. Gary says if you do this consistently, you should be able to smell and identify each oil in the blend. If you take the time to do this process, it anchors the memory of the oil.

    NingXia Red
    “Gary is truly a pioneer to discover the very healthy products for all people. Eight years ago he went to China to explore the health benefits of the Ningxia wolf berry. He introduced 3000 years of proven Chinese nutritional tradition. His mission (still) is to mix East and West philosophies for healthy living. Not only has he been an ambassador for health but for the two nations of China and America as well.” – Sue Chao

    Made with whole-fruit wolfberry puree
    Wolfberries contain every essential amino acid
    With 13% protein content, wolfberries offer one of the highest protein levels of any fruit
    Did you know that 1 ounce of Ningxia Red has the antioxidant power of:
    – 4 pounds of carrots
    – 2 quarts of carrot juice
    – 8 oranges
    – 1 pint of orange juice
    – 2 pounds of beets
    – 2 cups of beet juice
    – 3 cups of raspberries
    – 2 cups of blueberries
    Wolfberry contains:
    – 18 amino acids
    – 21 trace minerals
    – 6 essential fatty acids
    – Vitamins B1, B2, B6, Vitamin E
    – More beta carotene than carrots
    – More Vitamin C than oranges
    Ningxia maintains and promotes health. All issues come down to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. People try supplements but then say they didn’t feel any different. But really, people don’t take enough of it or take it long enough. It takes 180 days for the liver to regenerate, so you need to try that long.
    Personal testimony: You have to take responsibly for your body. Marcella’s friend, Maureen reduced her weight by 34-36 pounds in less than 2 months by drinking Ningxia red. She did 2 oz of Ningxia 3x per day. She ate whatever she wanted but really, this energized her and reduced her food craving.
    Marcella shared this information with her Mom and her Mom replied she already drinks 6oz. Marcella told her to separate it out so she did, into 2oz servings throughout the day and lost 9 pounds in 1 week!

    Supports our eyes in our new age. Blue light mostly comes from sun and florescent lights. Blue light doesn’t damage the eye but prolonged exposure to computer screen can. Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is the result. If you have several nights waking, you probably will find you have been on phone, tablet or computer before bed. Blue waves stimulates your cells and tell your brain to wake up. Our bodies aren’t equipped to handle this much blue light and can disrupt our sleep cycles.

    – Protects eyes from damaging blue light
    – Improves visual performance
    – Helps protect and maintain proper eye health
    – Helps reduce eye fatigue and eye strain
    – Increase macular pigment optical density
    – May help reduce eye health deterioration common with age
    You should turn off phone, tablet, computer 2 hours before bed. Later in the day, wear blue blocking glasses. You can download apps to switch the light from blue to red. You can find filters to blue block the screens.
    33% of children use devices 3+ hours daily
    87% of millennials use 2 or more devices at the same time
    37% of millennials use devices 9+ hours daily
    More blue light = likely more eye damage and can affect your vision in the long term.
    Digital eye strain short term effects: headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, eye strain, eye fatigue
    Blue light long term effects: retinal damage, poor glare recovery, reduced visual performance, age related eye conditions
    Personal testimony: – Marcella started taking Illumineyes daily. She was having difficulty with 1 contact. She took Illumineyes daily. Her vision improved. She went from 150 to 100 power. Eventually she had to get a new Driver’s License and realized she didn’t have her glasses and didn’t need any corrective lenses.

    PD 80/20
    Do you have trouble recalling names, where you left things? Pregnenolone reduces this and has a balancing effect – it’s a precursor to other hormones and can adjust others up/down as needed.
    100x more effective to boost memory. Makes you smarter and happier. Perform job better, reduce high stress. Keeps brain clear, blocks gaba that keeps the brain from firing.
    Helps with sleep cycles, especially REM where memory forms. It can increase brain cell growth.

    The source of life is enzymes. It’s our mentality and vitality. Each enzyme only does 1 thing. Each body function requires a specific enzyme. The body makes thousands of enzymes. This helps with breaking down plaque, fat and can improve oxygen distribution. Some pass into blood stream as building blocks – amino acids. If you are deficient, enzymes won’t go back into your reserve.
    Metabolic enzymes – cells to carry out fx
    Digestive enzymes – pancreas to digest and absorb food
    Food enzymes from external sources – aiding and excelerating digestive
    GMO contains no enzymes that will assist you.
    Supplements: picture
    Gary understood the importance of enzymes so formulated these with the dual time released technology.

    Detoxizyme – vegetarian based , anise and fennel EO to detox liver: said this one is perfect for vegetarians (please fact check that to make I got it right)

    Essentialzyme – dual release Animal based enzyme, Combats the modern diet
    Created with a tablet so gets to lower intestine.
    Capusles were designed to reach the stomach only
    Tablets get to the intestines

    Allerzyme – for proper digestion, waste elimination and nutrient absorption. This one is great for people with food and environmental/seasonal allergies.
    Marcella shared she had spread a capsule or enzymes over oatmeal. It liquified the oatmeal!
    Personal testimony: Marcella’s daughter was having a difficult experience at the dentist where nothing would numb her. He asked her what she was taking- meds or supplements. She was taking Enzymes only on an empty stomach. He made her sign contact to not take these supplements 2 weeks before her appt.
    Marcella says she takes enzymes before drinking alcohol and it reduces the negative effects.
    Enzyme on empty stomach maintains vitality and replenishes the reserve.
    Marcella states Detoxyzme bottle says take 1-2 but she just takes a handful (and she actually demonstrates).

    Swallowing advice:
    – When swollowing tablet – chin up makes it go down easier.
    – when swallowing capsule, chin to chest.

    When you are going to eat you should eat protein first so the pancreas knows how much enzymes to release for digestive.
    If you start with say carbs first, your body gets confused and will send out too much and this can lead to food sensitivities.
    She recommends eating almonds first thing in the morning. Soak almonds in pure water for 6 hours and have them first thing in the morning. This will help set your body right.

    2020 is the time to Roboot – emotional, spiritual, physical. To become the person you should be!

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