Quantum Biofeedback Session


Includes a one hour session and a half hour consult phone call.

Once payment is completed, Carrie will contact you to book your session.
If you have questions, you can click here to email Carrie.


A biofeedack session is done in a relaxing, inviting atmosphere with a prayerful and thoughtful attitude. It is nurturing, and caring and allows clients to release their pent-up stress. This is done on several levels. While it might seem on the surface nothing is happening… the truth is that there is some serious work going on underneath.

The human body is constantly undergoing a healing process. Exposure to environmental stress, germs, work overload, relationships, financial and personal worries…all bring about multiple levels of stress that the human system has to rise above… in order to heal itself. Sometimes the body can handle the load. At other times, it gets to be too much for the system, and help is needed.

We all heal within a human energy field called the quantum field.
 When we sleep we sometimes create a limited form of the quantum healing field. The overall experience of a session is directed at creating a powerful healing quantum healing field for the client…helping them to de-stress their body, mind and soul within the quantum field.

We do this through a sophisticated form of biofeedback that reads your unconscious mind. It lets us know what your body is asking for in order to heal itself. With a session and a post-session phone consultation, we listen to the body, and make the appropriate biofeedback adjustments that enable the body to rebalance itself.

Its about YOU!   

When you book a session we make you the client the center of attention where you are surrounded with loving frequencies that nourish, nurture , and help you to feel safe and secure.  People often report they feel more confident and have direction after a session or series of sessions.

The Stress Relieving practice of biofeedback can also be used for prevention. If regularly used, the system trains the energy field, self-awareness seems raised and the habit of mindfulness improved.  Keeping one’s stress levels in check facilitates more peace and generally improved sense of well-being.   A session is an investment in good health and personal well-being. Our de-stressing process does not interfere in any way with medical treatment or prescriptions. It is not meant as a substitution for traditional medicine. Clients should be encouraged to see their doctor for any medical imbalances.

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