Weekly Update 16

Hello Everyone!

This week was one of the first, what I would call, consistent weeks. We had the same class at the same time every morning and then some normal block scheduling of having specific classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Usually, I have to check the schedule each day to know what classes are happening. We have spent every morning learning how to take care of the fish house and prepare diets for all of the animals. Class starts at seven and our goal is to have all of the fish ready by ten, we’ve made it a couple of times but it usually takes us a little bit longer than that. I have learned that if you have internships or when you first start working with marine mammals, it is not uncommon to just be a fish house worker for a good chunk of time before you actually begin working with the animals.

We also started a new occupation class this week, where we will be building a training resume, having a mock interview and job searching. We will also be researching different zoological and aquatic facilities in order to give presentations about them and possibly visit them (or, virtually visit them). It’s a little surreal to think that working with marine mammals is actually a possibility when I am finished with this program. I know we are technically working with them now, but it definitely feels like school verses actually having a job. I might have some moments of panic moving forward when I have a chance to pause and think about this reality. If you know of any zoo’s or aquariums that you think are cool and unique, let me know and I might do a presentation on them!

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