Weekly Update 23

Hello Everyone!

The new, exciting layer that was added this week was interactives lab! This is when we (the students) are running public programs. We are doing dock programs, where we will be in charge of introducing guests to the dolphins and doing paint programs with them. We are starting with “meets” which is the most basic program you can do and then eventually we will be adding in the paint opportunity. It’s crazy to think we are already here because the interactives class  has always been mentioned as one of our final classes. It’s one of the last things we learn – how to mesh our dolphin handling and our public experience together. I guess, now that we have started the class, you could say this is “the beginning of the end.”  We officially only have 7 weeks left to learn all that we can and get in as many dolphin kisses as possible. The job horizon and question of – “what do you want to do?” has started to approach. I have started applying for jobs in my career class. It will be interesting to see where this experience and God will be leading to, come this May.

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