Weekly Update 27

Hello Everyone!
Well, I can say that interactive lab has been going pretty well. I have been able to do the “meet” and “paint” program! They have been really fun to do. Having the opportunity to realize long term dreams for people to touch a dolphin is rewarding. It is really nice to hear all the stories that people have of waiting such a long time to meet them. It is also fun watching people leave happier than when they came after getting to spend just a few moments with a dolphin. If I had to choose a favorite program, I would choose the painting program! It really is quite enjoyable and creating a piece of art with the guests and the dolphins is such a unique experience. I really enjoy seeing how each dolphin is going to paint or what their style will be for the day. So, if any of you come to dolphin research center, I can do your program!
I am very happy to say that training the hoop spin with Cacica and Louie is going well! Both have moved up a ring size and realize that they should be doing something with the ring when I give it to them. Louie had it spinning all on his own just two days ago – I think I was more excited than he was! Cacica is still getting her movements under control in order to make the hoop spin, but when I bridge her, she becomes so excited she has to take a victory lap! She is one of my favorites to train with, just because she gets so excited over the smallest things.

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