Weekly Update 28

Hello everyone!

Something I haven’t mentioned in a little while is the lovely sea lions! It has been an interesting and fun time because we have been put in charge of their enrichment and we do behavioral observations on them at least once a week. Enrichment is anything that provides mental stimulation and encourages them to use their natural instincts. We have made many fish popsicles (LARGE popsicles) and frozen some toys into different shapes. We have been salvaging the fish juice from the fish prep of the day in order to make the popsicles extra tasty. Diamond seems to really enjoy big pieces of ice so that she can crunch them, she seems to enjoy toys/items that she can bite or chew on. Lina will usually be the one to spend time figuring out how the enrichment works and how she can play with it. Kilo has been a hard sea lion to please, he will usually come over and sniff everything but then leave it for the girls to investigate. We are trying to come up with unique ideas that will interest him. I have enjoyed coming up with ideas for them to play with and seeing how they react to them!

On another note, we took graduation photos this past week. Eek! It definitely makes things feel more stressful because that means we are at the end, but the photoshoot was a lot of fun. We were able to share the limelight with Pax and spend the morning with him and celebrate all of the work we have accomplished.

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