A Testimony

The following is from a post originally shared by Bec Kinderman on Facebook, and is shared here with her permission.

My family. So blessed by these humans, but my story getting here, was a whirlwind.

I was raised in church with parents who were pastors, and our home was filled with the Holy Spirit!

I remember telling my mum I wanted to pray in tongues at 8 years old, so she baptized me in the Holy Spirit and for the next few months I practiced and practiced until I found my own language.

When I was 16 I walked away from God. I never stopped believing in him – when you experience that strong presence it’s virtually Impossible not to believe – but I wanted to live for myself, not for him. I wanted to experience the world.

I started partying, doing drugs, staying out all night, and doing that walk of shame out of the clubs at 5am.

I got engaged when I was 19, and didn’t follow through with the wedding, I dated a drug dealer after that, and after years of the same old crap, felt so lost.

I would at times, feel God tapping on my heart, saying he was there waiting for me to come back into his arms. I kept pushing him away.

I thought maybe a child would be the answer so my bf and I started trying for a baby. I never got pregnant. Never even had a “scare”.

I thought something was wrong with me, but I’d had a miscarriage at 18, so I was confused.

I left that relationship which was incredibly toxic, and with no desire to date anyone, I met Jonathan Kinderman within weeks of moving out of the house I shared with my ex.

We were inseparable right away, and only 4 months later, I found out I was pregnant. That was scary. But he is a good good man and said he wanted to marry me and raise this baby together.

The second I got pregnant I knew I wanted to be back in church and raise my kids in church.

Jono wasn’t a christian and wanted nothing to do with church, but overtime, he saw how happy I was and started coming and gave his life to the Lord.

I always say that Caprice saved me. She was the reason I came back to Jesus. God can use all things for good , and he used a surprise pregnancy, to bond me to the man he knew I needed, and to bring me back home to him.

Now we have 3 babies, and each one perfectly chosen by God, for us.

Photo credit: Chris N Chelly Nunes
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