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    Sarah Gielow

    So, just the other day I met someone 4 yrs out from conventional treatment for colon cancer. I knew from looking at him he had something very wrong as his skin was orange. A comment was made by another person who drew the conclusion that it was all because he missed a colonoscopy. I say otherwise, as a friend once said to me about breast cancer screening, ‘I would most certainly know something was wrong long before a medical test told me so.’ She is a unique person in todays world very in touch with her thoughts and emotions and body. Many of us ignore the body’s many ways of trying to get our attentions as we say we don’t have time for that, can’t focus on that, it costs too much, I don’t have resources, yada yada yada…those excuses will cost you sometimes your life. I have yet to meet someone with bowel issues who didn’t LOOK like they had bowel issues and a few simple questions tells their digestion has been off a long time. I know someone who healed themselves physically of colon cancer thru increasing water intake and going to an all veggie and fruit diet only to never deal with their emotional health needs (cheating spouses – yes, he had had two, not at the same time) and then he went back to eating whatever SAD and died a few years later.

    Pay attention to the Sh*t in all ways folks. and don’t settle for the wrong Sh*t.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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