The Conspiracy

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Why to the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain? Psalm 2:1

At least since the time this Psalm was written there has been a world wide conspiracy. From what is written about Adam and Eve’s experiences in the Garden of Eden, it is safe to say the conspiracy began at the beginning of human history.

A conspiracy is just a plan to do something. Psalm 2 tells us the goal of the plan that has been in place for all of human existence. That is to slough off the rule of God Himself. They are still at it. Whether we are talking about political leaders, world bankers or whomever, many are trying to create a world that operates as if God does not exist and they have all the power and authority.

Most of you who understand the symbolism in the image I have used above will know about the following history better than I, so please forgive my lack of details and specificity. For decades now, the term conspiracy theorist has been used in a derogatory way. The term was coined by the CIA for the purpose of mocking anyone trying to figure out what the conspiracy is. A theorist is simply someone who is trying to come up with an explanation about something. A conspiracy theorist is someone who is coming up with scenarios to explain the conspiracy. We have been taught to see such people as crazy and to marginalize them. Those who started this trend don’t want anyone to figure out the plan. The plan is theirs, and it will be thwarted if too many people understand it.

Therefore, there is much value in learning what the various theories may be (or in doing the hard work of unveiling these things). Ephesians 6:12 tells us that all our battles are spiritual. If you look into the conspiracies very far, you might get overwhelmed with it all. You might feel hopeless to do anything about it. I felt that way until I remembered that the real fight is spiritual. The one who came up with the plan and who is pulling the strings of the people who think they are in control is Satan himself. We know that only God can conquer him and already has. For this reason, we can take great comfort at: 1) looking at world events, comparing them to Scripture (Daniel, Revelation, Matthew, most of the prophets, etc.), and reading the work of the conspiracy theorists. 2) Asking God what He is doing amid all of this. And 3) Asking God if He has a role for us in all this.

Those of you who are new to the idea that conspiracy theories are legitimate or who still don’t know what to think, I encourage you to take the following steps.

Before you get started, re-read Revelation and look for the promises made to God’s people. For a long time, I saw Revelation as a scary book stating that lots of bad stuff happens at the end of time. Many people spend a lot of time trying to figure out if God’s people will have to be around to experience it all. I recently read the book again and saw the promises. It is quite encouraging. For example, have you ever worried about how you would feed your kids when you choose not to accept the mark of the beast? Revelation says there will be hidden manna for God’s people.

Once you have read Revelation again, start keeping up with world events. Ask one of the conspiracy theorist you know what sources they trust. Granted, there are some conspiracy theorists who are crazy. However, many do solid research using sources you can trust (better than the big time “journalists”). Read from several to determine who you trust.

Throughout this process, keep praying. Ask God to show you what to pay attention to. It’s amazing how He will show up and reveal things to you. Once you begin to understand some of the things that the enemy is up to, you will very readily see what is in God’s heart as an answer to these things. Begin praying for God to strengthen and encourage those already in the fight. If you feel a longing to be in the fight, ask God what your role is.

To the frogs, I want to say thanks for all you do. I love you. I am praying for you all to have a community of people who will love and support you even when they don’t understand. I am praying that you will always be made aware of the right news at the right time and that you will be supplied with the best evidence. I pray that you will have favor with the right people of power who can act on the proper information.

Finally, always remember…. Not only is our fight against the spiritual realm, but God is using His people to bewilder and prove His greatness to the most powerful beings in the spiritual realm (Ephesians 3:10). God sits in Heaven and laughs at all those who plot against Him (Psalm 2). He likes to use people to accomplish His goals.

We are living in exciting times. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are on the winning side, so have no fear. Just jump in the fight. It’s way better than sitting around worrying about the state of the world and hoping it will all turn out OK.