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    Sarah Gielow

    Most people are not really getting the nutrients they need from what they eat, even if they think they’re eating healthy. So often we’ve had environmental chemicals, parasites, fungus, mold, medications, along with herbicides and pesticides in the food, or body care products with chemicals that inhibit our digestion.

    My husband and I always have enzymes on hand at home and traveling. Allerzyme I first experienced helping my sinuses after an airplane flight to Houston, TX and waking up completely congested. Some said it’s because Houston is so humid and has very high mold counts, some say it’s flying in general that is hard on your body. I went to a meeting, where Debra Raybern was teaching about the digestion and had a product table with Allerzyme. Ladonna Beals and I immediately bought and took a few and it was amazing how quickly I was able to breathe freely thru my nose again. It’s my go-to internal support to relieve stuffiness now.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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