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    Sarah Gielow

    I first got really interested in enzymes years before Young Living came into my life, when a fellow health loving friend gave me an audiotape by a plastic surgeon who had begun having his patients take enzymes to avoid scarring. He explained in that tape that enzymes were supportive of all the metabolic processes in the body, helping the cells do what they’re supposed to do and that most people weren’t getting enough of them because we don’t eat the right foods or enough raw foods. This was a part of my beginning to learn how to ferment veggies and make my own kefir and kombucha.

    Back up to 2001 seeking to recover my health after my daughter died, the naturepath had told me my digestion wasn’t ok, I had candida and food allergies. At that point, I still had so much brain fog and grief, it was very difficult to learn new info. I also pooped once a day in the morning, so on a certain level, I dismissed his info, but endeavored to still take the supplements (more thyroid and hypothalmus support and getting off sugar and wheat) he recommended.

    Fast forward to Winter Harvest 2013

    When I was at winter harvest and happened to be at a meal where one of the men was passing out enzymes and shared his personal testimony, that as long as he took between 9 and 12 essentialzymes daily, nothing that wasn’t supposed to grow on skin grew.

    Karen Hopkins had told me to read the ramping protocol in the EODR, but meeting someone who was successfully applying the info cemented it into my memory bank.

    I take 2 to 3 at a time with meals and when I remember, I’ll take some in between meals. When you take enzymes between meals, they’re able to go into your blood and act like a broom and dustpan cleaning things up. We also do NOT travel without essentialzymes and DiGize. I’ve taken 3 Ecuador trips and no problems.

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